Mad Mountain Snowmobile Adventures specializes in Black Hills snowmobile rentals. We offer a large variety of lineups of premium snowmobiles for your Black Hills snowmobiling adventure. Whether you are interested in hitting the trails for a couple of hours or you are planning on a full-day of fun riding through the snow covered hills, Mad Mountain Snowmobile Adventures has everything you need to explore the Black Hills snowmobile trail system in comfort.

Reservation Policy

  • Each snowmobile reservation is held with a name, phone, and valid credit card.
  • There will be a $50.00 non refundable reservation deposit per snowmobile required on the day of reservation.
  • Certain ride dates require full payment the day of the reservation.

Our Snowmobiles

We pride ourselves on providing reliable, exhilarating snowmobiles for your Black Hills snowmobiling adventure, which is why we exclusively offer Arctic Cat snowmobile rentals. Our fleet of 30+ snowmobiles currently includes the following Arctic Cat models:


2015 Arctic Cat Lynx 2000
Arctic Cat Lynx 2000


2015 Lynx 2000 LT
Arctic Cat Lynx 2000 LT

About Our Fleet

Arctic Cat Lynx 2000

Lightweight, responsive, and a blast to ride, the Arctic Cat Lynx 2000 is well suited for the conditions and terrain of the Black Hill snowmobile trail system. This easy-to-maneuver single-rider model offers many convenient features including electric start, push-button reverse, and high/low hand & thumb warmers.

Arctic Cat F570's Fan Cooled - 2 stroke 128" track

Arctic Cat Lynx LT Touring

The Lynx 2000 LT offers room for two with all the amenities and comforts that you need to enjoy a long day exploring the beauty of the Black Hills. Featuring a full-size windshield, padded high-back passenger seat, and advanced technology suspension, this snowmobile provides all day comfort on the trail. Additional features include electric start, push-button reverse, and high/low hand & thumb warmers.

Arctic Cat T570's Fan Cooled - 2 stroke 144" track

Our Rates:         Single Seated Snowmobile    $180.00              Double Seated Snowmobile   $225.00

Rental Policies

A signed rental agreement must be completed by all parties prior to departing Mad Mountain Snowmobile Adventures.

Download Rental Agreement

Snowmobile Damages
Each operator will be responsible for ANY damage to the rented snowmobile. During the check-out procedure, any pre-existing conditions must be noted on the check-out form at time of rental.
Re-Fueling Policy
All snowmobiles leave with a full tank of fuel and are to be re-fueled before returning the machine. Fuel station is located on the property for your convenience. A refueling charge of $45.00 may be charged if returned not full of fuel.
Reservation Cancellation Policy
In order to avoid incurring the total rental charge to the credit card supplied, the reservation must be cancelled at least ten days in advance of the reserved ride date. The reservation deposit of $30.00 is non refundable. 
Cancellations within ten days of the reservation are non-refundable and the full amount of the rental will be charged to your card.
Poor Weather Policy
If we determine the weather is too poor to ride, there will not be any cancellation charges.
Minimum Age of Operator
Must be 16 or older and have a valid drivers license to rent. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.